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Thai Cafe & Noodle Treats (South side):

505 424-1818

Thai Cafe (Downtown):

505 982-3886



A Message from the Chef/Owner

I was born and raised in Central Bangkok, Thailand and have been cooking Central Thai style of food for over forty years. Thailand is known for "harmony and balance" in food preparation. Tasty, flavorful and healthy; using spices and herbs in typical Thai fashion. Some may generalize Thai food is always being hot, but that depends more so on the individual. our customers seem to like hot feed, more than I had expected.

Thai food can be hot and spicy. We can prepare your meal as "hot" as you can stand, however, I would hope that you can come to both Thai Cafe and Thai Cafe & Noodle Treats to enjoy the wonderful flavors of Thai cuisine. The menu features a wide variety of traditional flavors, form the appetizers to the desserts, that will leave the diner with a sense of well-being. All the food that I cook bring back memories of the freshness of my father's farm. As a child, I would pick out the vegetables to take home to create the vibrant and delicious meals that my family and I would eat. These memories inspire my cooking, so that customers may become my family here in New Mexico. I hope to see you often at both Thai Cafe and Thai Cafe & Noodle Treats, where the extensive menu will thrill you taste buds and there is something for everybody.


Suthirat Ferragamo

Chef/Owner of Thai Cafe (downtown) and

Thai Cafe & Noodle Treats (south side)

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